Are you looking for an orthodontist near me? There are many common orthodontic issues that can be corrected by our teams at Premier Orthodontics and Dental Specialists. Patients benefit from orthodontics in Elmhurst, IL, and orthodontics in Downers Grove, IL, in many ways, including improved oral appearance and treatment of complications associated with oral health issues. We look forward to treating your orthodontic issues and being your dentist near me!

Common Aesthetic Orthodontic Issues

Most people associate orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces designed to straighten a patient’s teeth. This is a common orthodontic issue that can greatly affect the way a patient feels about their oral aesthetics and even their self-confidence in terms of their smile. Advancements in aesthetic orthodontic treatment include alternative teeth-straightening methods in addition to conventional braces.

Another common aesthetic orthodontic issue is related to a patient’s bite, including overbite and underbite. These conditions can also create oral health problems. However, orthodontic treatment can correct these bite problems and improve a patient’s oral aesthetic in terms of orofacial structure. When patients feel confident in their oral appearance, this confidence is evident in their smile and the way they interact with others in a personal and professional setting.

Common Orthodontic Issues Related to Oral Health

Additional common orthodontic issues can arise that relate to a patient’s overall oral health. For example, misaligned jaws can result in chronic headaches and dysfunction with the temporomandibular joints that connect the jaw to the skull. This condition is commonly referred to as TMJ, and the effects of this dysfunction can be debilitating. Orthodontic treatment and jaw alignment can potentially alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with headache and TMJ complications. This can have a significant impact on quality of life for patients in addition to their oral health and wellness.

If you are searching for orthodontics near me, contact our orthodontic teams in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL. We are committed to your oral health and treating your common orthodontic issues to improve your oral appearance and correct any oral health complications. Call our offices for an appointment today!

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