Online Smile Assessment

Your smartphone camera lets you do a lot, from chatting with your friends to taking videos of your pets. But did you know it can help you improve your smile as well? With our no-obligation online smile assessment, you can learn about your orthodontic treatment options without ever leaving your house!

How does our smile assessment work?

Step One: Take some selfies!

Using your phone’s camera, take three photographs of your teeth. The first is with your teeth together. For the second, lean your head back and take a picture of your top teeth. For the third, tilt your head forward and snap a picture of your bottom teeth.

Step Two: Send us your photos!

Text your photos to (630) 279-5345. Please note that texts, emails and Facebook communications may not be 100% secure based on your carrier, phone type, and e-mail service. By submitting these photographs, you consent to these types of communications.

Step Three: Your Assessment

Once Dr. Radu receives your images, she will text you with your treatment options and estimated cost of treatment.

Don’t wait to improve your smile! Our smile assessment is easy and fast, and can get you on the road to a beautiful smile sooner than you ever thought possible.

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