PROPEL Orthodontics- A Fast And Safe Method Of Orthodontic Treatment

PROPEL Orthodontics- A Fast And Safe Method Of Orthodontic Treatment

October 2, 2021

Orthodontic Treatment is a field of dentistry related to aligning with and solving bite issues. Various orthodontic treatments have been used over time to aid people with teeth misarrangement cases. PROPEL Orthodontics near you is a therapy option performed both at home and in a dental expert’s office. PROPELis a technology used together with other devices such as Invisalign and other braces. PROPEL Orthodontics In Elmhurst provides individuals with a safe, accurate, and desirable outcome. It is an innovative mechanism to make the work of the braces faster and give that beautiful smile. This article talks about the procedure of receiving a PROPEL Orthodontic treatment. Are you wondering how the process gets done? Sit back and enjoy the write-up.

PROPEL is a device used together with dental alignment appliances like metal braces and invisible aligners. Dentists use this technique to perform faster orthodontic procedures. They also ensure the protection and comfort of the individual. PROPEL Technology helps shorten the duration of treatments. You can now visit less frequently and still achieve that look that you have always wanted. The PROPEL makes tiny holes in the bone tissue called the micro-osteoperforations (MOPs). It allows for quick bone remodeling and in turn, leads to teeth movement. PROPEL Orthodontics in Elmhurst, IL helps your teeth get loose and start the remodeling process in the bone. Do you want to know more about the process of how the PROPEL instrument works? Read on.

The Process Of How PROPEL Works.

There has been an invention of orthodontic apparatus that can effectively solve teeth alignment issues. However, the PROPEL technology is a recent design discovered to hasten treatment. It is also a safe and widely used device by orthodontic dentists. PROPEL helps your dentition move to a perfect position to give you a beautiful look. It is quite useful for about 80% of the people receiving dental alignment therapies.

Braces and other orthodontic apparatuses apply pressure to the teeth to make them get loose. The bone beneath gets broken down and becomes restructured after some time. The teeth can move and get into the ideal position during the process of bone degeneration. The newly formed bone now fills up the space left by the test. How does PROPEL come into play?

The PROPEL instrument is a device that creates micro-perforations in the bone surrounding the teeth. It facilitates a swelling reaction. It allows for the release of substances that disintegrate the bone tissue. It hastens the remodeling of the bone and allows the bone to migrate to a better position.

PROPEL Orthodontics in Elmhurst, IL creates mild discomfort in the bone. The doctor can numb the area throughout the process. It increases the treatment time by more than 50%. PROPEL works in line with your body anatomy. It is why it is considered safe for almost all individuals. You can visit the orthodontist periodically after the procedure to follow up on your recovery process.

Aftercare Of PROPEL Orthodontics Treatment.

This treatment is comfortable for most individuals. There is a possibility of mouth sensitivity, but it should fade away after a few days. But there are some measures you should follow so you can get desirable results from the therapeutic process.

  1. Avoid foods that are spicy or contain traces of citric acid. You might feel a burning sensation if you eat any of these foods during the period of recovery.
  2. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medicines. It could work against the action of PROPEL and make the procedure unsuccessful. PROPEL works by creating swelling that ends up allowing for the breaking down of bone.
  3. Dentists skilled in PROPEL Orthodontics in Elmhurst recommend that you waggle about three times per day with concentrated Hydrogen peroxide. It is to prevent infections and keep the dentition clean. You brush your mouth after the process since it has a not-so-good taste.

The cost of this treatment depends on the fatality of each person’s case. It differs between individuals. You can go back to your daily life after getting treatment. Get your own PROPEL Orthodontic treatment today!

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