Sedation Dentistry Levels and their Methods of Administration

Sedation Dentistry Levels and their Methods of Administration

June 8, 2021

Most patients usually feel anxious during their dental visits or when they are due for certain dental procedures. If you are one of the people with dental anxiety, going to a dental clinic that offers sedation dentistry near you will help calm your nerves during oral procedures.

At Premier Orthodontics and Dental Specialists in Elmhurst, we have a compassionate staff of dentists that provides an understanding and welcoming environment for every dental patient entering the office, even at their most disturbing moments. Fortunately, with the help of oral sedation, dental procedures can be painless, and patients can experience a worry-free appointment.

We encourage patients who are concerned about their dental anxiety or appointments to call us and make sure to consult with our sedation dentistry experts in Elmhurst, IL. This allows us to assess the situation and design the most appropriate treatment plan and appropriate sedatives.

Treatment with sedatives can ensure that patients get the safest and most reliable results as they will be relaxed during procedures meaning there will be fewer interruptions and the procedure will run smoothly. Our specialists have adequate training and experience in sedation dentistry; thus, you can trust that you will be in good hands.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

Various factors can cause dental anxiety. For instance, people with a generalized anxiety disorder may not be eager to see the dentist. Other factors that may cause you to feel anxious in a dental office include:

  • The inherent error of dental care – If you think the dental procedure is scary, you may feel anxious before the visit
  • If you fear closed spaces or suffer from OCD, you may have problems with dental appointments
  • An uncomfortable previous dental visit
  • The fear of losing control combined with trust issues

Levels of Sedation

Sedation dentistry is closely regulated by law, and there are three sedative states at which our office can administer to provide varying degrees of relaxation. They are:

Mild Sedation

Anxiolytics are the simplest form of sedative dentistry and are usually used for patients with mild anxiety, longer operation times, or more complicated conditions. Our sedation dentistry in Elmhurst provides two tranquilizers. The first is an anxiolytic drug, which is usually taken orally by the patient 30 minutes before the patient arrives in our office. It’s necessary for someone to accompany the patient to the clinic. The patient stays awake and relaxed throughout the process. Patients usually recover from mild sedation within a few hours after the operation is complete.

The second type of mild sedation is the inhalation of laughing gas. After the operation, the patient is given oxygen to breathe for 5 minutes, after which the patient can drive by himself.

Moderate Sedation

This is ideal for patients with more severe dental anxiety and those who require longer or more complicated procedures. Conscious sedation usually refers to the use of mild intravenous sedation. Throughout the process, we work closely with a licensed anesthesia team. With conscious sedation, the patient remains awake throughout the process but in a state of deep relaxation.

Patients who are required to receive conscious sedation must have a parent, spouse, or friend to accompany them on the appointment date because the sedative may take several hours to wear off, and it is not safe to drive.

Deep Sedation

During dental surgery, patients under deep sedation will be in between consciousness and loss of consciousness. Patients often cannot recall the treatment procedures and cannot respond to commands even if they are sometimes awake during the process. Patients receiving deep sedation should have someone accompany them because the effects of sedatives may take a few hours to wear off.

Administration of Sedatives

Oral sedation

The oral technique is the most common type of sedative administration. This is easy and does not require the use of needles. You will be given a prescription medicine to take about an hour before your appointment, which will relax you completely when you arrive at our office.


Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is the most common way to relieve mild to moderate anxiety. Recovery is fast, meaning you can resume normal activities immediately.

Benefits of Sedation

Sedative dentistry allows dental practitioners to safely and comfortably provide various dental treatments to patients with dental anxiety. The benefits of sedation dentistry in Elmhurst, IL, include;

  • No memory of experience during the procedure
  • Loss of awareness of time and the surroundings leading to calmness
  • Elimination of fear or anxiety during treatment


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