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Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists provides exceptional, patient-tailored orthodontic care for teens in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL. If your teenager needs orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation with our dentists.

Bite problems can impact your teen’s dental health and overall well-being in various ways. For starters, malocclusion can make your teen more susceptible to cavities, especially if they encounter challenges when brushing and flossing. Crooked teeth can also trigger teeth grinding and expose your child to the risk of temporomandibular disorders.

Misaligned teeth can also lower your teen’s self-confidence and make it harder for them to interact in meaningful interactions in and out of school.

Your Teen’s Orthodontic Evaluation

At Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists, we encourage parents to ensure that their children visit our dental experts in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL, at least twice a year for regular dental examinations. Dental exams are an excellent opportunity for the dentist to catch problems, including orthodontic challenges, before they escalate into more significant issues.

However, if your child has missed out on regular dental exams, you can specifically request an orthodontic evaluation. There’s no right or wrong time for this, but the sooner you come in, the better.

During an orthodontic evaluation, our dentists assess your teen’s dental alignment and jaw growth. The dentist may take dental x-rays and impressions to determine the type of treatment best suited for the patient.

We know that dental visits are often nerve-wracking, especially for our younger patients. We’re committed to ensuring that your teen feels safe and comfortable throughout their time with us.

Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

What Are the Different Options Available?

At Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists, we offer various options for orthodontics for teens in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL. Each treatment plan is customized and tailored especially for you. Some of the options include:

Traditional metal braces

Braces are one of the most common and effective ways of correcting teeth. They use metal brackets and wires that are bonded on the front surface of your teeth. If you don’t like how they look, we now have colored elastics to make them more colorful!

Invisalign® for Teens

Invisalign is a clear and more aesthetic alternative to metal braces. It consists of a series of aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. Invisalign aligners are changed sequentially every two weeks until your teeth are aligned. They are hardly noticeable in the mouth and are removable. Your teen can remove them while eating, brushing, or even attending any social event!

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces, except they are tooth-colored and not visible. They are a great alternative if you are looking for a more esthetic orthodontic treatment for teens near you. However, they stain easily and are less durable than metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces also use metal brackets and wires, but they are placed on the inside surface of your teeth and are completely invisible from the outside! This bracket placement makes it more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene.

We have many options for orthodontics for teens in Elmhurst, 60126, and Downers Grove, 60515, to give you a straighter and more beautiful smile. We will provide an individualized plan to give you the best possible outcome. Talk to our dentists today to find out which option is more suitable for you.

When to Visit an Orthodontist?

At Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists, we recommend visiting an orthodontist as early as possible. If you see any irregularities or have any concerns visit an orthodontist near you immediately. We can utilize your child’s growth potential to make future problems less severe. Early intervention may not avoid the need for future braces for your child, but it will make the treatment planning easier and less expensive.

Talk to our friendly staff at Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists in Elmhurst and Downers Grove to book a consultation today!

After a thorough assessment, our dentists recommend the treatment approach that responds best to your teen’s needs. We offer an extensive range of orthodontic solutions, including braces, Invisalign Teen, SureSmile, ceramic braces, and surgical orthodontics.

Conventional metal braces effectively correct a wide range of problems, including underbite, overbite, crossbite, open bite, and gaps in teeth. Invisalign Teen uses a range of specially designed clear aligners that correct your teen’s smile discreetly and comfortably. SureSmile and ceramic braces offer discretion, too, as well as other pros that our dentist will be happy to discuss with you. For more severe cases, surgical orthodontics may be an option.

Are you seeking a reputable dental practice that offers orthodontic treatment for teens in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL? Reach out to Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists today to schedule a visit with our dentist.

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