SureSmile Clear Aligners in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL

If you’d like to straighten your teeth without the hassle of conventional metal braces, then SureSmile® clear aligners may be right for you. SureSmile clear aligners in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL, are an ideal alternative to braces. These clear, comfortable and discreet custom trays reposition your teeth gently over 12 to 18 months, revealing a brand new, straighter smile.

SureSmile clear aligners are preferred by adults interested in receiving discreet orthodontic treatment. Older teens can also benefit from SureSmile treatment as long as they’re willing to comply with treatment guidelines, including wearing the aligners for the recommended number of hours per day.

Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists is proud to be a trusted provider of SureSmile clear aligners near you. We are fully committed to helping our valued patients realize their dream smile transformations and go to great lengths to ensure successful treatment outcomes every time.

The Treatment Process

Our dentists near you begin by evaluating your bite to determine the type and severity of the malocclusion. It’s worth noting that not all bite problems can be corrected using SureSmile clear aligners. In cases of severe malocclusion, conventional metal braces may be preferred.

Our dentists obtain digital scans of your teeth using advanced dental software and then share these with the SureSmile lab team. The lab then creates a series of custom aligner trays from your digital scans and impressions. After several weeks, you’ll receive your aligner trays with instructions on how to wear them. You’re expected to switch to a new tray every couple of weeks or so. Our dentists in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL, keep a close eye on you to ensure that you’re progressing as desired.

Advantages of SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile clear aligners offer significant benefits to patients looking to align their bite discreetly, including:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Greater flexibility
  • Lower maintenance
  • Fewer dental visits
  • High-quality results

Bite problems can get in the way of your confidence and cause dental health complications down the road. Say goodbye to crooked teeth by choosing SureSmile clear aligners today. Get in touch with Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists today to find out if SureSmile treatment is right for you.

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Dr. Corina Radu


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