Types of Braces in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL

Misaligned teeth can cause numerous complications in your life, including speech difficulties, chewing problems, and self-esteem issues. If your teeth are crooked, get in touch with Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists to determine which treatment options are best for you. We specialize in various types of dental braces and carefully evaluate your needs and preferences before recommending a treatment modality.

Braces are safe and ideal for young and older patients alike. If you missed out on orthodontic treatment as a teen, there’s still plenty of time to achieve the smile transformation you deserve. Reach out to our dentists near you to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located dental offices in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL.

Conventional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are undoubtedly the most common type of braces. Metal braces are made from high-grade stainless steel and consist of brackets attached to the teeth using orthodontic cement. These brackets are linked using archwire, which is held in place by small elastic ties.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to conventional metal braces, except instead of elastic ties, the archwire is held in place by special clips or brackets that allow faster tooth movement. Self-ligating braces are preferred to conventional braces since they require less chair time and fewer visits to the dentist.

Lingual Braces

If you’d like to correct your bite using conventional braces but aren’t keen on letting the whole world know, you can opt for lingual braces. Lingual braces are customized to fit the shape of your teeth for enhanced comfort and superior aesthetics. Since they’re placed behind your teeth, they’re invisible when you smile.

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Ceramic braces are structurally and functionally similar to metal braces. However, they’re made from transparent ceramic, making them an ideal option for teens and adults concerned about aesthetics. Compared to metal braces, ceramic braces are more fragile and require a higher degree of care.

Clear Aligners

If you’re planning to straighten your smile without making too many changes to your lifestyle, then clear aligners may be perfect for you. Clear, removable aligners are custom trays that move your teeth to their preferred positions over several months. Since they’re removable, aligners offer enhanced comfort and convenience and are ideal for adults who wish to straighten their smiles without disrupting their lives.

At Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists, our patients are our primary priority. Our skilled and friendly dentists in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL, go out of their way to ensure successful treatment outcomes every time.

If you’re looking to straighten your teeth and are curious about the types of braces in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, IL, reach out to Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists today.

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