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Your smile is our passion!

We're young, we're hip and experienced! We speak your language. We make it easy with your scheduling, financing and appointments. We text, we blog, we email, we work with you, we work for you, we help you get the smile of your dreams.

We can orthodontically and safely move your teeth, we can extract sore hopeless and impacted teeth, we can implant missing teeth, we can secure loose dentures. We are here for you, for your orthodontic, surgical and prosthetic needs. Most importantly, we are more affordable than you think!

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We provide inter-disciolinary complete diagnostic services with intraoral and facial pictures, low radiation x-rays and CBCT, 3D optical scanning and most importantly, an all inclusive approach to individualized treatment. We are using the best proven techniques in the industry, kind appliances for bite correction that improve facial balance and harmony, and accelerated methods (Propel, MOPS and Wilckodontics) that shorten your treatment time, improve stability and beautify your smile for years to come.

We use traditional braces for the modern age orthodontics, Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners for adults and teens, soft-tissue laser cosmetic recontouring, professional tooth whitening at the completion of treatment and management of wisdom teeth and implants during retention stages. Our surgeon can offer sedation options for sinus lift, bone grafting, complicated extractions and implant placement. We also offer mini-implants to tremendously secure loose dentures and improve the quality of life for our older patients.

We are part of many insurance plans and help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Book on our website your virtual or in-office free consultation and start the journey to a smile of a lifetime!

Our Treatment Approach

Our specialists, Dr. Corina Radu and Dr. Sam Elbatanouni will create a treatment approach that’s tailored to your unique needs and goals.

  • Face-Friendly Orthodontics: We consider your entire face to bring you greater results when it comes to optimizing aesthetics and symmetry.
  • Airway-Friendly Orthodontics: Lots of our patients need expanders.Those that are diagnosed with sleep apnea will tremendously benefit from them, while worn in addition to sleep appliances or corrective combined orthodontic-jaw surgery procedures.
  • Harmony of Facial Features: Making your smile proportional to the rest of your face is one of our main goals. This includes the proper alignment of your upper and lower jaws.
  • Better Growth and Better Facial Aging: As we age, so do our facial features. Our treatments are effective for ensuring harmony in your appearance as time passes.We are trained to influence growth and development in children and reduce years from someone's face just by enhancing smiles.

Dedicated to Perfect Correction through Collaboration

As an interdisciplinary dental office, we combine orthodontic and oral surgery to help expand the orthodontic boundaries of where the teeth can fit to create better aesthetics, stability, and sleep. Dr. Radu always aims for perfect correction and will use hybrid treatment to dramatically increase quality of treatment and reduce the number of aligners without compromising results.

Early Treatment

Don’t wait ’till it’s too late! We LOVE seeing patients of all ages, starting from seven years old. Consultations start at this age in order to decide whether there is a need for early treatment; appliances like expanders can help avoid impactions and severe crowding later on, which will ease the road for future orthodontic treatment. This helps Dr. Radu diagnose common problems, avoid impactions, gum recession, and build the bone to reduce the need for extractions.

Call us for a second opinion: We are more affordable than you think!

As a mother herself of three young children, Dr.Corina Radu has a special interest in providing affordable orthodontic and oral surgery care for families. As a former resident of Elmhurst for 10+ years, she worked very hard to build her reputable practice, taking great pride in being number ONE provider for orthodontic services.

Don't keep us a secret, refer your friends and family to us and we'll rewars you.  You will find our fees to be VERY competitive and the quality of our services second to none!  Let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

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